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which was established in 2019 to bring our care products, which emerged as a result of our R&D studies in the field of cosmetics and biotechnology for more than ten years, to consumers, OXYVEGA BIOTECHNOLOGY is taking firm steps forward in the cosmetics and biotechnology sector.

which has started to sign new successes in the cosmetics sector, OXYVEGA BIOTECHNOLOGY continues its R&D studies, which are necessary for the continuation of these successes.

Starting to launch its products with the goal of being the first and most reliable brand that comes to mind in the category of vegan-friendly and environmentally friendly products OXYVEGA BIOTECHNOLOGY As a successful result of scientific R & D studies with universities for many years HYDROVEGA ANTI-AGING CREAM and HYDROVEGA HAIR CARE SERUM successfully entered the domestic and international markets with.

In line with our goal, we continue to provide consumers with cosmetic products that are constantly supported and developed with R & D studies, that do not harm nature and human health and are produced with plant extracts.

Turkey, Europe, America and Canada also offered for sale HYDROVEG cosmetic products nationally and internationally accredited independent laboratory and tested in the laboratory.